Child Friendly Recipes 

Children under the age of 11 have different nutritional needs than adults. Children between 5 and 11 years of age should be consuming around 1800 calories per day, including 220g of carbohydrates and 70g of fat.  
They can eat a lot of the same meals you yourself would eat, but you should never add salt whilst cooking for children, and should avoid foods naturally high in salt. To go with the active lifestyle of a school aged child, we as childcarers need to ensure they are eating a varied and balanced diet to encourage growth and development. 
Ensure they get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables – this can of course be balanced out with the odd biscuit! 
On this page, I will provide a variety of recipes that are healthy and nutritious, as well as being easy for parents and nannies to batch cook – this enables you to feed the whole family, save the left overs for the next day, or freeze them for that busy day when you have 5 minutes between after school clubs! 
This is a great dish to introduce children to the world of (mild!) curries. The addition of sweet potato counteracts any spice to make this a great family meal. 
This can either be made as one big family meal, or cooked in ramekins to make individual children’s portions. The chicken mix can also be put in a food processor to puree before placing in ramekins, making it suitable for younger children. 
What child doesn’t love cheese? This meal is a great source of protein, energy and calcium for your little ones. 
An easy, one pot dish to suit the whole family. You can swap the beef for chicken, turkey or pork. 
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