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A family in Harpenden is seeking an afterschool nanny for 3 children. 
Days: up to 4 days | Hours: 3-6pm | Ages: 4, 4, 7 | Salary: £14-15gph 
A lovely family in St Albans is seeking a nanny/mothers help for 2 young children, one with Downs Syndrome. 
Days: 2 per week | Hours: 8-6 | Ages: B9m, B nearly 3 | Salary: £13-16gph 
A family in Berkhamsted is seeking a nanny for 1 day per week 
Days: Fridays | Hours: 9am-5pm | Ages: B16m, B4 | Salary: £13-15ph 
A family in Hitchin is seeking a nanny for 1 day per week. 
Days: Wednesdays | Hours: 10am-8pm (flex) | Ages: B4, NB due Sept | Salary: £12-15gph 
A family in Milton Keynes is seeking a nanny for one girl of nearly 1. 
Days: Mon-Fri | Hours: 7.30am-3.30pm | Ages: G11m | Salary: £12-14gph 
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