Guest blog from the wonderful Margaret at Project Action London. 
Autumn is a magical time with the trees going from green to golden yellow, red and brown. We see conkers, cones, pumpkins to create and bake. So much is around us that can be used for free to help with child development. So at Project Action London we have created a short Power Point showing the development areas and how all child carers can cater for them - whether you're a nanny, au pair, child minder or a parent/grandparent looking for a theme with fun; this is for you. We explain the areas of development and the activities you can organise with the children to help. Have fun! 
This blog was originally written by Margaret Cowell at Project Action London, a great company I recommend for Nanny Training courses. 

Watch the PowerPoint 

Click on the image below to download a PowerPoint presentation packed full of great autumn activities. 
Autumn Activities PowerPoint
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