This is a great meal for young children to help with. You can prepare all the ingredients and have it in bowls on the table, for them to add their own toppings. 
For the base – you can buy ready-made pizza bases, or just use a pitta bread or even bagels! Be creative – this is a dinner but also a fun activity for the kids. 
Pasta to spread on the base 
Spread the passata on your chosen base 
Add whatever toppings you fancy 
Pop in the oven for 10 mins at 200° (180° for fan assisted ovens) – keep an eye on it! 
Remember which pizza belongs to which child, and enjoy! 
Suggested toppings: 
Chopped tomatoes (red and yellow) 
Grated cheddar 
Black olives, halved 
Ham / pepperoni / cooked sausage, chopped into chunks 
Red onion, sliced 
Chopped peppers (red, yellow and green) 
Sprouting brocoli 
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