These are wheat free, and you can get the children to help make them. 
Ingredients (for 2 children) 
1-2 Chicken breasts, depending on children’s appetites 
1 egg 
2 handfuls of cornflakes, crushed in a freezer bag 
Baking potatoes 
Olive oil 
Heat the oven to 200°C (180°C for fan assisted ovens). 
Peel the potatoes and slice into wedges. Place in a pan of boiling water for 7 minutes. Drain and return to the pan, leaving a few minutes to dry. Shake, and place onto another baking tray, spreading them out. Drizzle with olive oil. Put into the oven for 40 minutes. 
Place the egg and the crushed cornflakes into two separate bowls. Beat the egg. 
Cut the chicken breasts into nugget shapes. Dip them one at a time, coating first in the egg, then the cornflakes. Place onto a baking tray, and add to the oven for the last 30 minutes. 
Turn both the potatoes and the nuggets half way through cooking. 
Serve with your choice of vegetables. 
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