When the time comes to hire a nanny, you may think it’s easiest to look yourself. And sometimes, it works. Sometimes, your friend’s old nanny / niece / someone they know from a toddler group just happens to be looking for a new role. 
Sometimes, you pop an advert on Gumtree and happen to find a stellar nanny quickly and easily. 
But sometimes, it doesn’t. Finding a nanny yourself can be daunting, time consuming, and downright scary. You may not know where to advertise, how to word your adverts to attract great candidates, or how to vet a nanny properly once you have found them. 
If you’ve not had a nanny before, you may not know the legal obligations that come with hiring a nanny – you as the employer are responsible for the nanny’s tax, NI contributions, pension contributions, mileage expenses, and you need to provide them with statutory benefits and pay slips. 
Working with a reputable Agency who is registered with the Association of Nanny Agencies (such as Rosebud Nanny Agency) will save you time, stress and provide a higher caliber of candidates. It could also be the difference between having to re-hire every few months and finding your forever nanny, providing more stability for your children. 
A good agency will meet all of their nannies face to face, check their documentation, references, DBS (criminal record check), and you can rest assured that a Nanny coming through such an agency will have Ofsted compliant Paediatric first aid and great references from their previous employers. All of this is checked by the agency, so by the time you see a CV, you know all relevant checks have been taken care of. 
A great agency will take the time to understand the type of candidate who will fit you and your family best. This way, you will receive a selection of tailored CVs to shortlist for interview. When advertising yourself, you may be flooded with applications – but you’ll have to trawl through a lot of unsuitable ones to find the one or two gems. 
An agency will also have access to more advertising platforms, so can get your job seen by more nannies. They can word the advert properly to ensure maximum interest, and can weed out unsuitable candidates on your behalf. We can offer advice on interviews and make the hiring process much easier for you. 
Rosebud Nanny Agency are often contacted by families who have found a nanny through social media/free advertising sites, and after just a couple of weeks, discovered all is not as expected.  
By using a Nanny Agency, you as the employer can fully understand what it means to be an employer, and your nanny will know exactly what the job entails, saving trouble down the line. An agency can also offer advice on payroll and contracts, as well as being there to provide ongoing support to you and your nanny through the search, offer stage, and throughout their employment (and beyond). 
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