For Families

Our aim is to match the perfect nanny to your family

After you have contacted us, we will either talk on the phone, or arrange a face to face meeting at your convenience. We will discuss the logistics of the job and also take the time to get to know you and your children.  Are you outdoorsy people? Do you have pets/love animals? Do any of your children learn an instrument? We will also discuss your views on subjects such as nutrition, discipline and routine.

Within a few days of this meeting, we will aim to send you a short list of CVs for nannies who we feel would work very well with you and your family. We will then organise interviews between you and any nannies you wish to meet, and provide you with help and advice for the interviews.

After each interview, we will ask for feedback from both you and the nanny. After all of the interviews have taken place, we will discuss which nannies you would consider hiring. We recommend you meet with these nannies a second time with your children present, to see how they get on.

When you have made your final decision, we will assist you with drawing up a contract, and give you advice on tax, insurance, payslips etc.

Payment is due only after the successful placement of a nanny with your family.